Why is VoIP Better than Traditional Phone Services?

Why is VoIP Better than Traditional Phone Service?

Why is VoIP Better than Traditional Phone Service?

20 years ago, nearly every business owned a landline. Today however, an estimated 61% of businesses are switching to VoIP at the end of their landline contract. It seems clear that VoIP is the way of the future. So, what makes VoIP better than traditional phone service?

What is Traditional Landline?

Landline phone systems are the traditional phones we remember from childhood. A landline device is physically connected to a wall socket, which then transmits voice over copper cables from one phone to another.

In many businesses, the landline is combined with a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, providing many of the extra features like call forwarding and individual extension numbers.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is basically a phone system run over an internet connection. Because VoIP operates via the internet, businesses aren’t limited to telephones in their physical location. Any employee with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and an internet connection can make and receive VoIP calls from your business number, wherever they are in the world.

You can also install VoIP phone equipment anywhere there is a good internet connection, which is very handy in today’s world where many employees work remotely from their homes.

What are the Advantages?

Price – On average, businesses see a cost saving of 30-50% after switching to a VoIP phone system. Both monthly service fees as well as the cost to upgrade or make changes to your phone system are typically less expensive with VoIP.

Advanced Functionality – VoIP offers many features not available or simply too costly with traditional landline service. Some of these features include call analytics, call recordings, voicemail to email and SMS, CRM integration, website integration, virtual conferencing and more!

Audio Quality – VoIP delivers the best sound quality and stability, where there is strong internet available. It is a great choice for those businesses that benefit from virtual conferencing, or depend on their phone system for customer service and sales.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

VoIP is run through the internet and depends upon a fast and stable internet connection. If your business location has slow internet or the connection is lost, then your VoIP phone system will be affected. Total Tech offers internet solutions which may be able to help if your current internet services are slower than you would prefer.

Also, just like anything else on the internet, VoIP systems can fall prey to cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is critical to employ a provider that has proper defense as part of their protocol.

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