VoIP Advantages Disadvantages

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VoIP: Advantages? Disadvantages?

We get this question all the time – Would a VoIP system be better for my business than a traditional phone system? Does the size of my company make a difference? Is it as reliable as my traditional phone line? Will I have to change phone numbers? Will the cost be worth the extra features?

Let’s find out…

What are the benefits of VoIP?

VoIP can connect multiple locations and a distributed workforce.

Since the Covid pandemic, many employees are now working from home. VoIP becomes a huge advantage when you have multiple locations, or employees working remotely. Here’s why…

VoIP phone numbers are not hard wired to a specific phone or location like traditional phone lines. This means your employees can make VoIP calls from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. Another advantage is that you no longer need a separate phone number for each branch or location.

VoIP can scale up or down based on your business needs.

With traditional phone service, every time you add a new employee, expand your office, or move an employee or department to a new location, you have to schedule the phone guy for the installation or rerouting of cables. Sometimes this can take weeks to complete. What if you could add extensions, delete extensions, and move phones within minutes?

Need more lines? All you have to do is upgrade your license key, add the new phones and you are good to go. Scaling down? That’s just as easy. Moving an entire department and want to keep the extensions? Simple. Just pick up the phones and plug them into the computer network port in the new location. One more thing. All of this is a fraction of the cost of modifying your traditional phone lines.

VoIP has Other Cool Features that Traditional Phone Don’t…

  • Receive voicemail and fax messages directly to email.
  • Instant messaging system allows you to quickly and easily IM an individual or the entire office.
  • See if other employees are in, on their phone, or out of the office at a glance.
  • Route business calls through the business number to your cell phone, keeping your personal number private.
  • Seamlessly set up conference calls whether employees work in the building, from home, or are out in the field.
  • Remote phone maintenance save both time and money.
  • Video Web-Conferencing built in.
  • And more!

VoIP lets you save on long-distance and international phone calls.

Long-distance calls – what’s that? Similar to cell phone providers, calls within the United States are considered local calls and there is no additional charge for calls outside of your area. Similarly, international calls with VoIP are significantly less expensive than traditional landlines.

Cost savings, based on usage, can be as high as 75%.

So… What are the Disadvantages of VoIP?

Like all technology, VoIP phone service has limitations. Here’s what you need to know…

No internet means no VoIP phone service…

This is by far the biggest disadvantage to traditional lines. Your phone system is dependent upon the strength of your broadband connection. AND, a poor internet connection can also affect clarity on your calls.

The solution to this problem is fairly simple.

  1. Get a reliable internet provider.
  2. Dedicate an internet network exclusively for VoIP so it is not competing with your other online activity
  3. Get internet with proper bandwidth.

Not all VoIP providers offer secure transmissions.

Keep in mind, the internet is a public network, so data can be vulnerable during transmission. The same is true of voice data during VoIP calls.

This is why we don’t use the internet without security, or transmit sensitive data without encryption. When selecting a VoIP provider, ask what security measures they have to protect voice data during VoIP calls. Do they offer high-level encryption during transmission?

So… Should You Move Your Business to VoIP? YES!

Total Tech Solutions is a VoIP and Internet Service Provider in Ocala, Florida. We use the newest technological advancements to give our customers reliable VoIP with all of the bells and whistles. Our VoIP phone service is a fraction of the cost of conventional phones or other VoIP services. In addition, in areas where it is available, we offer the fastest internet service available with dedicated Fiber Optics.

Our goal is to cut your business expense, provide features that help you be more productive, along with the best customer service in the industry. For a free assessment, contact us through the “Contact Us” tab at the bottom of the page or call us at 352-414-7600.