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Steps to Ensure a Reliable VoIP Phone Service

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems are a great communication solution for business. They are more flexible, mobile, and typically cost less than traditional landline business phones. However, because VoIP is run over the internet, it can be susceptible to disruptions caused by internet and equipment failure, natural disasters, and even cyber-attacks. Therefore it is important to ensure your VoIP system will continue in the face of unexpected situations.

Follow these tips for a more secure VoIP system…

Choose Your VoIP Provider Carefully

Start by evaluating your provider’s service level agreement.

  1. What does it say about security and availability guarantees? How do they plan to achieve these objectives?
  2. Can your provider host your VoIP system in a facility that is protected in the case of storms, floods and other disasters?
  3. Do they use advanced network security services to protect your calls?

Install VoIP Monitoring Services

It is important to have a VoIP continuity solution to ensure your calls get through in the event of an emergency. But first, we recommend you employ a 3rd party VoIP monitoring service to track your phone system status and report the source of any disruptions. With this type of monitoring service, network issues and other problems can be identified and addressed immediately.

The next two sections discuss backup options to help ensure disrupted VoIP service.

Install a Backup Broadband Line

Many companies choose to have a 2nd internet service provider (ISP). If their primary internet connection for the company VoIP system is interrupted, the alternate ISP would kick in.

When employing this service continuity solution, it is ideal to dedicate one ISP for the VoIP service and use the other ISP for your computer network. These separate networks can be established and set up to automatically transfer service in the event one of them fails. That way, if either your phone or computer network fails the other will engage so you can continue working without interruption.

The downside of this solution is that with 2 independent ISPs the company’s internet costs increase. However, many of our clients find that benefit of eliminating the likelihood of phone or computer downtime far outweighs the additional internet service expense.

Route Calls to Mobile Devices

The second solution to ensure service continuity is routing calls to mobile devices.

By installing a cloud-based VoIP solution, it is easy to choose where to route your calls with the call forwarding feature. This allows incoming calls to be automatically rerouted to other company-registered devices. Call forwarding allows your employees to receive calls on their mobile device when your VoIP service is interrupted by an internet problem or local disaster, or even when they are working from home or just out of the office. Call forwarding provides flexibility for both your company and your staff.

To minimize problems with this continuity plan, it will be important to take the following measures.

  1. Register all employee mobile devices to the VoIP system.
  2. Configuring each device to receive rerouted calls.
  3. Set employee policies for remote working forbidding staff from connecting to public Wi-Fi, to avoid unwanted listeners.

Test Your VoIP Continuity Plan Regularly

Your VoIP continuity plan is only as good as it works. That’s why it is important to test it thoroughly and often. Here are the areas you should check on a regular basis…

  • Are contact details for each employee up to date?
  • Are calls forwarding from each phone routing to the correct mobile device?
  • Is the backup ISP kicking in properly when the other service is interrupted?

The goal is ultimately to find where your backup plan is failing and make any adjustments before you have an actual emergency.

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