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Has your Company Outgrown Free Email? Time for a Professional Email Platform…

Has Your Business Outgrown Free Email? Time for a Professional Email PlatformThe branding of a business is crucial to its success. One thing that remains essential to the success of this branding is having a professional business email address. Almost everyone uses email, as it is such an integrated part of our daily lives. Due to this, email is a considerable marketing channel for many businesses. While it may be tempting to save funds by resorting to the many free email options available, it does not allow for optimum prosperity within your business. Rather than using a free email solution such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Comcast, growing businesses should invest in a professional email platform and an email address with their domain name. For example,

This act not only creates a great professional impression by appearing credible to customers, but also provides potential clients with the assurance that they are communicating with the correct person. Additionally, it simplifies and secures your business’s data management. When should your company start using a branded email rather than a free platform?

A free email program can be effective for beginner companies. However, there comes a time when a business has grown behind the capabilities of those free email services. A small start-up organization requires different email features as opposed to larger businesses. There are signs that indicate that a company has outgrown a free email solution and should advance to the next best step. Below is a list of indications that affirm a professional email platform has become necessary for your business.

Security Breach

Has your company ever suffered from a security breach under the use of a free email system? These mishaps can be extremely costly and inflict a lot of stress on your company. Even if you haven’t endured such an unfortunate event, you may have worried about it taking place. Many business networks require team collaboration and therefore the sharing of sensitive data. If the privacy of your company’s data raises concerns, it is time to adopt a more sophisticated email solution. This will provide you and your employers with advanced, enterprise-level security.


Free email solutions only offer limited storage, whereas paid solutions offer much larger space. Your business should not have to delete emails or change their approach just to create more space. If you find that you have reached your maximum storage, it is time to upgrade email solutions. Total Tech Solutions provides a professional email service with extensive storage, allowing up to 50GB per user.

Data Management

By utilizing a free email solution, you are granting them permission to mine your data. Unfortunately, this can place your company’s data at risk. Additionally, in order to provide their free service and remain profitable, email providers send your company unnecessary ads. This not only contributes to the minimal storage issue but can also take up your valuable time.

The Solution…

Total Tech Solutions is an IT Company in Ocala FL. We provide professional email service as part of a comprehensive Managed IT Solution, or as a stand alone service. Our professional email system does everything just discussed and a whole lot more. Additional features include shared calendars, simplified collaboration and file sharing, as well as easy on-line meetings and video calls. Visit our Managed IT Services page to learn more about professional email and other services.