Cybersecurity Plan

Proactive Cybersecurity Plan

Proactive Steps to Ensure Solid Cybersecurity.

The great majority of Managed IT providers offer security systems with a wide range of support. This assistance includes protection as well as comprehensive recovery plans. Many business owners adopt this type of assistance and safeguard to help prevent valuable down time for their company. Below is a list of proactive steps businesses and their managed service providers (MSPs) take to ensure solid cybersecurity.

1. One of the first steps towards minimizing cyber-attacks is to understand the threats that you and your business are up against. Whether you are working with a small, medium or a large business, every individual involved should be informed of the risks. Additionally, it is vital to review the types of invasions that are prevalent within your industry. It is meaningful for a company to go over these acknowledgements a couple times a year with their team.

Security awareness seminars are a good strategy employed by wise business owners. These seminars include everyone related to the company, whether that be a receptionist, a CEO, or certain contracted individuals. Reviewing effective security practices such as appropriate mobile device usage, and password security, and network management are appropriate topics to be discussed at an awareness seminar.

2. The next essential step towards ensuring the safety of your business is to re-evaluate what you are protecting. It is a good idea to determine which of the company’s devices are connected to the internet and in turn, which data they have access to. This will expose the greatest threats and how they affect the various networks within your business. While evaluating your protected devices, you should examine which services are performing the job.

3. After assessing which services are currently protecting your devices, it is then necessary to take prioritization measures. During this step, a business can decide which preventative measures and which reactive measures are most significant to the company’s safety. With the help of an experienced managed IT provider, a business owner can review the cybersecurity field and calculate frequent trends within it.

An important aspect of this step is to install anti-malware software to protect your data and systems. With the help of technology consultant, purchase, installation, and management of the proper industry software is made simple. Full-disk encryption is the process of making data unreadable to outside users on the chance that they are compromised. Another useful approach is to create strict assess controls. This involves applying strong passwords to security sensitive networks as well as using multifactor authentication and auto-lock.

4. After a complete audit of your network’s current security framework, it is important to adequately test its effectiveness. Wise businesses will test the integrity of their safeguards before an actual disturbance occurs. Utilizing real-life scenarios will help distinguish which areas of your company’s defense need improvement.

During this critical step, you and your team should blacklist any dangerous or inappropriate websites identified. Web filtering will minimize the chances of exposing your network to danger. This also includes narrowing your employees’ access to data and functions fundamental to their jobs. Many times, companies employ network monitoring to ensure proper device usage. This tool may flag and identify suspicious activity like access to files outside a particular user’s department.

5. Finalizing this improved plan is the last step to ensure solid cybersecurity. During this phase of the process, all security measures should be reviewed and monitored to determine additional measures or adjustments needed.

Total Tech Solutions can tailor a cybersecurity solution to match the size, complexity and sensitivity of your particular business. We understand the advantages of a pro-active defense against potential cyberattacks, as we have helped many others recover from inadequate security after the fact.

Our team is present for our customers from start to finish. Additionally, we believe that cybersecurity services should be simple and affordable for our clients. We strive to keep your businesses connected whether that be via phone or online. If it is time for a professional security audit at your company, Total Tech Solutions has you covered.