Myths About Computer Services That Just Aren’t True

The Four Biggest Myths About Computer Services

There are a few myths out there about what an IT Service Company is and computer services it provides for its clients. Unfortunately some of these misunderstandings are created by IT Companies who are doing the bare minimum for their clients. Here is how we look at a few of these myths…

The main job of the computer service company is to keep the computers running. WRONG!

A good IT partner does so much more than that. Here at Total Tech, we stay on top of the latest technology trends and identify which of our clients these trends might benefit. To do that, we need to know and understand your company’s vision so that we can be the technical expert to help you meet your business goals. And, yes, we also keep your computers running smoothly!

The newer more advanced technology that could probably help our company is not in our price range. WRONG!

You might be surprised to find that some of the newest, most powerful solutions are included in software you already have. Most company employees are just too busy doing their day-to-day jobs to dig into enhancements and new features.

Other times, a cost benefit analysis identifying additional opportunities and existing cost reductions can often justify the cost of new software. The real problem is that unless someone takes the time to get to know the new technology, identify the advantages and business opportunities it can create, pin-point the areas where costs can be reduced, and ultimately determine if the technology would be a net benefit, you may never know.

As a smaller company, I will save money if I hire a college student to handle my IT concerns. WRONG!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” In this era of rapidly changing technology, increased industry regulation, cybercrimes and related security concerns, do you really want to trust the integrity and safety of your business to a college student or part-time technician? Using a professional consulting firm results in fewer problems, less down-time, and faster resolution of problems when they do occur. Many smaller businesses fail to consider the following:

  • What would computer downtime cost in the way of employee productivity?
  • How would a security breach of client data impact my business?
  • What would it cost if company data were lost?
  • Am I compliant with industry regulation?
  • What technology is out there that might benefit my company tremendously?
  • And, many other questions we resolve for our clients every day!

No one in my industry would pay for computer services every month – We are better off calling someone when we need them. WRONG!

Typically, the companies that set a regular budget for technology and use it wisely are way ahead of their competitors in the market place. This is due in large part because someone is looking at the possible industry roadblocks and technology problems before they occur, planning for positive superior solutions. Meanwhile, the companies that choose to react to situations are typically making rushed decisions that lead to less than optimal results. The other reason the IT budgeted companies are typically ahead of the competition is superior knowledge. Partnered with a professional IT company, these companies know about technology advances that impact their industry well ahead of the competition, giving them a significant edge in the market.

Did we change your mind about what computer services should be?

If so, Total Tech Solutions wants to help. Contact us for a free business consultation to discover how a regular Managed IT Service can stabilize your IT cost, minimize your computer issues, and take your business to the next level with technology and in the marketplace.