More Myths About Computer Services – Again, Not True

Myths About Computer Services that may be Holding You Back…

What is an IT Service Company and how important are the computer services they provide for its clients? The industry is full of myths surrounding this question. Sadly, some of the confusion is perpetuated by IT Companies who are lacking knowledge or doing the bare minimum for their clients. Here is how Total Tech looks at a few of these myths…

Our computers just run – they don’t really need regular maintenance. WRONG!

Just like your car, or anything with moving parts, your computer system needs regular maintenance if you want it to continue to run correctly. Neglecting regular maintenance usually ends with applications that are not stable, excessive downtime, slow system response time, and eventually failed hardware. Proper IT maintenance allows your systems to run better and last longer, while avoiding costly emergencies.

Our computers just run slow. There’s really nothing anyone can do about it. WRONG!

Inexperienced technicians with inferior network knowledge often make this excuse or tell you it is normal to have to reboot your computer all the time. The truth is that if your network is consistently slow, there is reason for it. The good news is that if there is a reason, there is also a solution! You just need a professional, experienced IT technician to get to the bottom of your problem.

Our business can’t really be improved that much by technology. WRONG!

This attitude is always the result when current technology has not been implemented correctly. When technology is planned strategically and properly to improve business, you will find that there are solutions that can increase performance and employee productivity, cut costs, and give you an ultimate edge in the marketplace. We have business solutions that can improve communication and exchange of information; streamline scheduling, ordering, and inventory; coordinate accounting, operations, and management; boost marketing and enhance customer experience; and even impact research and development. This list is not all inclusive. Technology today is everywhere and if you neglect it, your company could be left behind.

A new computer system is too expensive and is just not worth it. WRONG!

It is true – the very latest trends in technology can be pricey. However, old or inadequate technology can be just as expensive or more. We often find that many major network problems could have been avoided with simple routine updates to the hardware and software. When you are running old dated equipment and software, you will run into software incompatibility issues with your printers and other devices, and experience difficulty getting new software to work correctly. We find that businesses who keep their computer systems current have significantly lower maintenance and repair costs. At the same time, they are kept informed about new technology that can significantly improve their business.

Did we change your mind about what computer services should be?

If so, Total Tech Solutions wants to help. Contact us for a free business consultation to discover how a regular Managed IT Service can stabilize your IT cost, minimize your computer issues, and take your business to the next level with technology and in the marketplace.