Managed IT Remote Employees

How Managed IT Can Impact Your Remote Employees’ Productivity!

Improve Remote Employees Productivity with Managed IT ServicesDue to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to allow their employees to operate remotely in order to protect their workstaff. Many companies are starting to consider remote employees a viable solution for expansion even after Covid-19. Total Tech Solutions offers a variety of Managed IT and Cloud Services to our clients that are perfect for a remote workforce. We want to ensure that your company’s employees can effectively work from home, while also boosting their productivity, and securing your sensitive information. Below are some of the countless benefits of utilizing Total Tech Managed IT Services with your remote workforce.

Data and Systems Security

The idea of employees working remotely may raise security concerns for some employers. Total Tech understands the challenge and importance of data security while individuals work from home. Many employees use their personal devices to access the corporate network. However, protecting your employee’s personal devices can be challenging. Total Tech Solutions employs measures to ensure that hackers are kept from accessing the company network through a staff member’s home device.

Our team uses various security solutions in order to protect your business. As a Managed IT Provider we can help you install anti-virus software on all of your workstations and devices, avoiding obvious and immediate risks. Ransomware attacks and malicious emails are no longer a concern with Total Tech Solutions. We provide solutions that protect your entire infrastructure from attackers by monitoring your network for threats 24/7. Additionally, our company understands the seriousness of a data recovery. We work with our clients to routinely back up data and establish protocol for speedy data recovery if necessary.

More Effective Collaboration and Communication

Working remotely does not have to take a toll on the efficiency of your employees or business. Total Tech understands the value of convenient and reliable team interaction. That is why we provide our clients various platforms with features to get the job done. Microsoft Office 365 will empower your remote workforce as a communication solution by achieving real-time collaboration. SharePoint can be implemented to share documents, Microsoft Outlook has the ability to plan and hold virtual meetings. Other classic tools that can be configured to work remotely on an employee’s phone or personal computer include Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, to name a few that will maximize employee productivity from home.


Total Tech Solutions recognizes the level of support that both on-site and remote employees require. We provide our clients with 24/7 IT helpdesk services 365 days a year in order to provide a fast resolution for all of your IT problems. Both complex and simple issues are important to us. Our goal with remote monitoring is to discover and resolve issues before they interrupt your business. In order to keep your company running smoothly, it is important for us to stay proactive, and that is why we offer a virtual IT team to be available for company’s remote workforce.

Because our IT gurus are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest technologies, our team can fix even the most unique problems. Although an in-house IT department has the ability to solve basic problems, quite often they are not as informed regarding the latest technology. With our IT services, you can be sure that your IT department is available to focus on improving products and services. Total Tech Solutions works to minimize the strains on your IT department, allowing them to excel with their core tasks.


An employment arrangement where employees are able to work outside the office allows for great flexibility for both the employee and employer. Telecommuting positions were highly desired before the Coronavirus pandemic, and the demand has only grown. Total Tech ensures that our clients can access company data from anywhere in the world. Office 365 is accessible to mobile users on both Apple and Android. Features such as Outlook and Teams are also conveniently available for our mobile device users. Business calls are executed with ease as a result of call forwarding and hoteling features available on our business phone systems.

There is great freedom that comes with working from home, and this ability can often increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. We are here to remove any pain-points involving technical support for your remote workforce.


Total Tech Solutions understands the importance of security and industry compliance. We utilize multiple security layers in order to help your company meet all regulations. Where needed, we can employ software systems that protect sensitive data by separating the desktop environment from the physical device. The “virtual desktop” will contain all the necessary data, files, and information that your employee’s need to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively.


Total Tech is here for all of your IT management issues—whether big or small, simple or complex, in-house or remote. Our company will not only ensure that your data and network is secure, but we also confirm whether your security regulation is acceptable. Collaborating with your team is made effortless through the cloud tools that we offer. We strive to increase the productivity and success of your employees and business as a whole, through our managed IT services. With our friendly assistance and advanced tools and features, your employees can work more effectively in the office or from a remote location. Contact Total Tech Solutions to get more information about how to better manage your remote workforce.