Managed IT Services in Ocala and Gainesville

Are you tired of unexpected computer problems, software upgrades, email issues, security problems, and general technology growing pains? When these things unexpectedly hit your business they not only create an expense that wasn’t planned, but you lose valuable employee time while the problem is resolved. Total Tech Solutions' Managed IT Services is your solution!

Total Tech provides our customers with Managed IT Services, supporting organizations of all types and sizes. Our clientele experience ranges from small businesses with just a few computers to large, multi-location companies with hundreds of computers. We have worked with a broad array of businesses supporting the special demands of many industries, from doctor’s offices to legal professionals and car dealerships. The goal of Total Tech Solutions is to fit our service to each client’s needs, whether that be simply network monitoring or acting as an entire IT department. Our clients are able to choose from a variety of service packages, with the consistency of a fixed monthly expense.

Managed IT Services in Ocala & Gainesville - Total Tech SolutionsTotal Tech Solutions should be your #1 Choice for Managed IT Services in Ocala and Central Florida. We provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective Managed IT services that are designed for your specific needs and backed by our experienced IT professionals. Every member of our IT staff strives to make technology an asset, not a burden, so our clients can focus on building and running their companies. Your computer systems should provide a foundation for your business to thrive and grow. At Total Tech Solutions, we work with our clients to develop and execute a clear and strategic plan for their Managed IT, insuring our priorities match the overall business goals.

Total Tech Solutions works together with your key personnel to understand your company's goals, business practices, specific industry regulation, and current technology systems. Then, as your IT strategic planning partner, we help you develop and execute a clear IT strategy that complements your overall company objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of your company objectives and needs, Total Tech Solutions can manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your business systems and IT management plan.

With Total Tech Managed IT Service designed for the individual business, our clients experience cost savings, smoother daily operations, and increased employee productivity. We match our service to the size, complexity, and specialized needs of your business to deliver the best value in Managed IT Services available.


Managed IT Solutions Custom Designed for Each Business

Email Services Plus

Choosing Total Tech Solutions means choosing a premium email service. Where warranted, we can even provide tailored email systems for larger clients with specific needs. Most clients, however, find what they need in our preferred email service and the many beneficial features it provides, including:

Email and Calendars:

  • Total Tech clients are given 50GB mailbox storage. Our company recognizes the massive amount of emails received by busy personnel in both large and small businesses every daily.
  • Our email system supports the use of your own custom domain name. For example, your business may want to use the domain for the company website.
  • With our email system, you can effectively manage your calendar. Our email systems have built in features to share meeting times, schedule meetings, and receive reminders. This increases productivity between employees and the business as whole!
  • Our shared calendar feature allow you to respond to invitations and schedule meetings with the click of a button!
  • Restore deleted accounts and set up new ones from anywhere. Accidents happen and you may not be at your computer during such an emergency.

Mobile and Web Versions of Applications:

  • Our clients are able to utilize a variety of apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from their desktop as well as from their mobile device. This provides flexibility to our clientele, allowing them to access these features on the go. You may not always have access to a desktop computer and Total Tech understands that.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are offered with up-to-date versions for IOS and Android.
  • Our preferred email services allow our customers to work within the same document simultaneously. Multiple users can easily co-author and collaborate, increasing the productivity of your employees and your company.

Managed IT Services Ocala Florida - Total Tech Solutions

Teamwork and Communication:

  • Businesses working with Total Tech can host online meetings and video calls with up to 250 users.
  • This feature provides our clients with an easy way to connect and collaborate with the company team in multiple offices. All of your company’s team chats, meeting, apps, and files are located and organized in one place.

Collaboration and Net File Sharing:

  • Our email systems comes with a tool for sharing information, content, and files via our preferred software.
  • With Total Tech, you are able to collaborate effortlessly and safely between team members not only inside your organization, but also with outside partners and clients.
  • Changes made to files are updated across all synced devices.
  • Access and guest links make it easy to share files and information with external contacts or users outside of your company, ensuring that only those with proper permission can gain access.
  • Accessing synced files, documents, and emails on mobile devices is also easily accessible.

Computer Updates and Management

Total Tech Solutions proactively plans hardware and computer system updates, as well as window and software updates. This company quality ensures our clients minimal business operation disruption due to technology downtime. Our update management system comes with a wide range of beneficial features.

Our remote software assistance allows for quick response and support to our customers. With remote access we can monitor your system, perform regular maintenance, and plan software and system upgrades without interrupting your working day.

Our management support system is designed to alert us as soon as problems arise. Oftentimes, we reach out to the client before they are even aware an issue exists. With Total Tech’s technology and effective problem-solving skills, our clients are able to focus on their business operation with minimal disruption. Our objective is to have a solution in progress before any downtime has occurred.

Wireless Networks

With our preferred network system, Total Tech is able to offer a wide variety of wireless networks setups, with versatile mounting options and exceptional speed. With a stylish design, users can set up the products close to their workspace. Additionally, our wireless networks come with an ideal mesh point solution for double the speed. Network Integration is made easy and is conveniently powered with just a switch of a button. Total Tech customers are able to manage and control all devices with a network controller.


Receive the world’s best protection with security software from Total Tech Solutions. Our company is equipped to protect against never-seen-before cyber-criminal techniques and tactics! Managed IT Solutions in Ocala - Total Tech SolutionsTotal Tech Solutions offers security systems with a wide range of support. Some of our users wish to receive simple plans and others require comprehensive support. Whatever your organization needs, our company has a plan that is right for you. Highly trained support technicians are available around-the-clock, 24 hours a day.

Variety of Plans to Meet Your Needs:

Our company wants to meet your specific needs. That is why we provide many options and plans to choose from. Our assistance does not end after installation and configuration. We are there to help with any technical issues you may face along the way as well as upgrades down the road.

Individually Designed Support for Partners and Clients with Vital Needs

Our preferred security comes with enhanced options with additional benefits. Some of these features include assistance consulting or a direct connection with senior technical resources. Additionally, with an advanced support plan, account managers are directly available to address issues immediately.

Extended Warranty to Protect Your Investment

As an active customer with an ongoing support plan, you are eligible for extended warranty on all hardware appliances. Total Tech Solutions offers all plan holders advanced replacement options.

Guaranteed Optimum Business Performance

With our company’s security service, Technical Account Managers are made available to ensure peak performance for your business. These highly trained individuals have extensive knowledge regarding your company’s requirements. If your business requires proactive help, Total Tech Solutions is the right choice for you!

Anti-Virus Protection

Total Tech Solutions offers anti-virus protection for private servers, emails, and individual computers, as well as within firewall management systems like Sophos and SonicWall.

Disaster Recovery

At Total Tech, we are designed to suit any business environment, whether that be a large enterprise or a single workstation. We offer personalized solutions for backup and storage management for all Total Tech plan holders. Our disaster recovery services come with a number of technological advantages.

  • Award-winning backup technology
  • A broad range of data recovery- from single files to entire servers
  • Multi-location backup support
  • Cloud backup
  • Affordable and efficient system maintenance with one-step deployment tools
  • Zero learning curve necessary- backup software designed with simplicity
  • Restore technology universally- from one hardware system to the next
  • Smart storage management utilities
  • Consolidated management with a single dashboard
  • Ultra-rapid disaster recovery- in under 15 minutes!

Managed IT Services in Ocala Florida, Total Tech Solutions

Third Party Software Implementation

Total Tech Solutions can manage the hardware installation and coordinate the implementation of your industry software. We are familiar with special requirements of the medical industry, including practice management, EHR (Electronic Health Records), and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems and the security requirements that go along with them. We have worked with a big variety of industries including Car Dealerships, Legal Entities, Non-Profit Organizations, and companies of all sizes. If you have a software implementation, or other company project involving a technology component, Total Tech is here to be your IT consultant from start to finish.

Why Total Tech Solutions?

Total Tech Solutions is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. From system design to implementation, we will work very hard to achieve 100% satisfaction with every client.

Technology has changed the world as we know it, and it continues to evolve everyday. From online entertainment to how we do business, technology has changed our lives. Keeping up with technological changes is a full time job.

At Total Tech Solutions, we use the latest technology enhancements to help our clients get the most from their technology, often saving them money along the way. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Our products and services help your employees do their jobs better, with minimal downtime. We keep you running smoothly so you and your employees can concentrate on running and building your business. Time is money!

With our Managed IT Services, specifically catered to the needs of your business, you have a partner to help your technology grow with your business. We will help plan for expansion, new software, equipment upgrades and more. With a pro-active partner you won't be surprised by the unexpected. Instead you will have a monthly IT bill that you can plan for in your budget, and know about needed capital expenditures in advance. You truly get more for less!

But at Total Tech Solutions, we don’t stop there! We also offer businesses lightning fast internet service through dedicated Fiber Optics (some service area restrictions apply). What does that mean for our internet customers? It means that they have the fastest internet speeds available to help them boost productivity and profits!

Our goal at TTS is to help your business cut costs while providing exceptional service. If your company is looking for an extension to your existing IT team or for someone to manage your IT department entirely, Total Tech should be your first choice! Our professional IT team provides reliable, secure and cost-effective IT services for a fixed monthly fee.

Total Tech Solutions provides Managed IT Services in Ocala FL, Gainesville FL, The Villages FL, and much of Central Florida.