Managed IT for Non-Profits

3 Benefits of an IT Service Provider for Non-Profits

There are many varieties of not-for-profit or non-profits organizations, from disaster relief agencies to religious affiliates and humanitarian services. There are non-profits of all sizes designated as educational and even corporate entities. In 2017, individual Americans gave $449.64 billion to non-profit organizations, and corporate giving added another $21.09 billion.

Regardless of the type of non-profit you lead, we know you face many challenges. Among those challenges is likely to be keeping up with technology. Here at Total Tech Solutions we’ve worked with several not-for-profit clients. As a result, we’ve identified 3 areas of concern where a managed IT service provider can be extremely valuable, especially regarding the stability and growth of the non-profit organization.

Strategic Planning

Every organization, including non-profits, must have a strategic plan for growth and even survival in difficult times. The strategic plan is a tool that establishes a mission and a course of action to accomplish that mission, maximizing impact and efficiency for the organization.

It goes without saying that every organization will encounter both opportunities and challenges during this process. One of the biggest challenges is that technology is constantly evolving, making it difficult to stay informed about the latest tools and applications.

Because non-profits typically don’t have their own fully-staffed IT department, it can be very beneficial to get the knowledge and expertise of an IT professional to help create a proper strategic plan. In today’s world, technology is a critical component for nearly any entity. Building a strategic plan with a proper IT road map provides the best chance for stability and growth in the future.

Donor Management

There are a variety of fundraising platforms that non-profits organizations can employ to raise funds. Many of these platforms use a system based in the cloud, designed especially for not-for-profit organizations. Regardless of the donor management/fundraising platform your organization uses, a managed IT service provider will be sure all donations and donor data is secure from unwanted outsiders and properly backed up.

Non-profit staff should be able to devote their time to the mission of the organization without being concerned about the safety of their donations. Non-profits organizations typically have very specific compliance requirements regarding the management of funds and financial data of its donors.

As a managed service provider with experience serving non-profits, Total Tech Solutions can provide valuable advice to help you comply with these regulations. Security and accuracy are the key components to most requirements. One breach can spell disaster for a not-for-profit organization. Therefore, it is wise to work with a managed service provider to be sure your non-profit is able to comply.

IT Budgeting

Another key area where a managed service provider can be helpful is with IT budgeting. Your IT budget should be affordable and cost-based. It should also coincide with the technology roadmap established for your organization. Having a strategic plan within an affordable budget will allow your organization to grow, and prepare it for a more secure future.

Total Tech will work with your non-profit, creating a plan and budget that works for your organization. Through several planning sessions, we will establish a budgeted plan that provides the security and data solutions necessary. Our budgeted plans have consistent, fixed monthly or annual costs associated with them.

Later, if your organization needs to make adjustments to its overall budget, a plan outlining the priorities for strategic growth will already be in place. A complete knowledge and understanding of these priorities will help identify the cuts and reallocations that will have the smallest impact the mission of the organization.

Other IT Services

These are just 3 areas that our Managed IT Services can assist and benefit a non-profit organization. We also provide affordable and flexible VoIP phone service, integrated email systems, IT for remote employees, data system planning and design, IT help desk, disaster recovery, data security and backup, hosted cloud services and proactive IT management.

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