Improve Employee Productivity with a New Phone System

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Improve Employee Productivity with a New Phone System - Total Tech
Improve Employee Productivity with a New Phone System from Total Tech

Impromptu Conferencing

Improve employee productivity with the conferencing feature. Have you ever been in the middle of a phone conversation with colleagues or clients and realized that a face-to-face meeting would have been more productive? But in our busy world today, who has time for that? Our phone systems come with built in conferencing at no additional charge – Keep efficient communication, enhance productive collaboration, and build stronger relationships. Free sharing and co-annotation of anything by anybody at any time during any meeting. You can manage meeting rooms, video conferencing terminals and schedules at your fingertips. Conferencing will never be the same.

Voicemail and FAX to Email

If your employees work in multiple locations, are on the go, or have positions that take them out of your office, then this feature is made for you. Your employees will no longer be stuck waiting by the Fax or continuously checking to make sure they didn’t miss that important call. Everything in one place and accessible wherever they are – right on their phones.

Increased Mobility for Sales or Service Personnel

This feature allows your mobile employees to receive and make calls using the office number, keeping their personal cell number private. Employees will also be able to see whether colleagues are in their office, on another call or out for lunch right on their cell phones with our app for mobile employees. They can even schedule a conference call in minutes – now that’s a mobile office!

Instant Messaging and Paging

Our VoIP phone system comes with a feature for instant messaging to employees in the building, working from home, or out in the field. Page the entire office, a specific department, or individual employee. Immediate, efficient communication has never been this easy.

Remote Employee Advantages

Does one of your employees need to work from home for a period of time? Just take the desk phone to the new location and we can reconfigure the device as a remote extension in just 5 minutes – without a visit from our technician. Once the device is connected, it works for the employee just like it did in their office. They don’t spend all of their personal days, you don’t lose the time of a valued employee.

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