How Much Money Can I Save Using VoIP?

How Much Money Can I Save Using VoIP?

If you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly business expense, you may want to consider replacing your traditional phone system with VoIP.

Traditional phone system are typically much more expensive, both upfront and monthly, than VoIP. Also, when looking for ways to reduce the monthly budget, phone expense is often overlooked because they are a necessity.

What you may find it interesting that the average cost savings for switching from traditional phones to VoIP is anywhere from 30 to 75%.

How is VoIP Less Expensive?

Minimal Hardware Investment

Traditional phones require a significant amount of hardware at the business location, resulting in a sizable up-front investment. On top of that, all features you want your phone system to have must be purchased and added to your in-house system.

With VoIP, all features run from software stored in the cloud, requiring no hardware on premise at the business. VoIP also seamlessly integrates with your existing devices including mobile devises as well as desktop and laptop computers. Multiple features are typically included without additional charges.

Minimal Maintenance

Just like other technology, phone systems are likely to eventually experience problems or even failure. With traditional phone systems companies are having to budget for repair expense. Also, parts for these systems are becoming expensive and difficult to find.

With hosted VoIP, on premise hardware is not required because the system is hosted on the cloud. This completely eliminates the need for hardware maintenance and the associated cost.

Reduced Calling Fees

Your traditional phone services charge a monthly bill. This will typically be based on the volume of calls made, with an added expense for long distance phone calls.

VoIP technology connects your calls via the internet. For a fixed monthly fee, you can make the same local and international calls but at a much lower cost. Your monthly bill typically includes unlimited use of the phones and multiple added features at no additional expense. Finally, if your company makes a lot of international calls, the long distance savings can be rather substantial.

Less Expense to Upgrade

With traditional in-house phone systems, even the smallest upgrade will require a visit from a service team. Which, of course, costs extra.

With VoIP, your system will typically stay up to date with no additional expense. Upgrades can usually be activated remotely, providing you access to the newest features without a service call. And, adding new phone stations or moving departments is as easy as moving a desk lamp – simply pick up the phone and plug it into another computer network.

How Much Can My Business Would Save with VoIP?

This is just a few ways our customers save money every day with VoIP. We would love to discuss ways your company can benefit from a new phone system from Total Tech Solutions. Give us a call for a free consultation today!