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IT Company Ocala FL - Total Tech SolutionsIf you are looking for an IT Company in Ocala, whether as an additional support to your existing IT department or if you are looking for someone to completely manage your technical support, Total Tech Solutions has you covered. We strive to provide our clients dependable, secure, and cost-effective IT support services backed by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Our entire staff here at Total Tech Solutions works to make technology an asset for your company, not a burden. That way you can do what you do best - run and grow your company. Your technology should provide a strong dependable foundation on which your business can be built. Our account managers will help develop and execute a clear and strategic IT plan that matches your overall business goals.

Managed IT Services

With Total Tech Solution's comprehensive IT service plans, our clients experience cost savings, smooth and efficient flow of operations, and increased productivity. We can design an IT Solution that matches the size and complexity of your business, so you get the best value on the market today. Learn more.

Business Phone Systems

Our VoIP phone systems use existing broadband internet access in place of traditional copper wire telephone systems, resulting in a significant savings for our clients. Expansion becomes much easier and less expensive as well. The individual phone units have features that are more flexible than traditional systems and will save your employees time, allowing them to be more productive. Clients love the built-in Video Web Conferencing feature. We even have leasing options available. Learn More.

Computer Services

From Email and Cyber-Security to Computer Updates and Management, we have the technology solutions to help your business run more efficiently. Need technology advice on a new project? Planning to implement new software? Total Tech Solutions is here to be your IT Consultant from start to finish. Learn More.

Total Tech Solutions for Every Business

Strengthen Cyber Security

Total Tech Solutions offers security systems with a wide range of support. Highly trained support representatives are available 24 hours a day. We also offer firewall installation and service, as well as Anti-virus protection for your servers, email and individual computers, all professionally installed, maintained and updated regularly. No security system is complete without a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Total Tech believes that cyber-security services should be simple and affordable for our clients. Keep your business safe from bad guys and natural disasters.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

One of our favorite things here at Total Tech Solutions is to give our clients more value for their money! Our VoIP phone systems have saved our clients as much as 75% from their monthly phone service. Our internet is lightning fast, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Because our services are designed for each client, you never pay for more than exactly what you need. Let us do a cost comparison for you.

Increase Workforce Productivity

It is always better to plan ahead than to try to recover from the unexpected. We pro-actively plan and schedule updates to your computer system and software. Our Computer Management Support System is designed to alert us whenever it detects a problem, so that we can get to work on the solution immediately. Our goal is to keep your technology up and running smoothly, with minimal downtime, so that your employees can do their jobs.

In addition, our email and phone systems have built-in technology to allow your employees to join web conferences, manage and edit documents, schedule office meetings, and securely share files with partners outside your company, all from their cell phones. Finally, our security backups and disaster recovery procedures allow us to get you back up in as little as 15 minutes. After all - time is money!

Comply with Industry Demands

We know that many industries have regulation that need to be strictly adhered to, like the medical industry. We have also worked with businesses that require specialized industry software, like the car industry or legal profession. We also have experience and understand the special needs and challenges unique to non-profit organizations. Whatever your industry requires, we've most likely seen it and are ready to help you comply.

Simplify Project Management and Implementation

Total Tech Solutions can help you plan, purchase and manage your new computer system installation, and coordinate the implementation of industry software. If you have a software implementation, or other company project with a technology component, Total Tech is here to be your IT consultant from start to finish.

Gain a Strategic Planning Partner

Do you have a project in mind but you have no idea how to accomplish it from a technology point of view? Do you have 3rd party software you'd like to use but need a technical advisor to plan and manage the implementation? Is your company growing and you need help planning the expansion to ensure your technology isn't holding you back? We will help you strategically plan, execute and manage the IT for your project implementation.

Why Total Tech Solutions?

Total Tech Solutions is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. From system design to implementation, we will work very hard to satisfy every client.

Technology is driving the way that we do just about everything in today’s world. From online entertainment to how we do business, technology has changed our lives. The communications industry is no exception. At Total Tech Solutions, we use the latest technology enhancements to provide our customers with feature rich communication at a fraction of the price over conventional phone and internet companies.

Our phone systems offer technology enhancements such as Video Web Conferencing right through our phone software as opposed to the traditional web conferencing which requires more expensive software and licensing. Our system even lets you connect to a web conference call using your smartphone! And the best part is that it can all be accomplished at a fraction of what the other phone company’s charge for standard service. You truly get more for less!

But at Total Tech Solutions, we don’t stop there! We also offer businesses our lightning fast internet service through dedicated Fiber Optics (some service area restrictions apply). What does that mean for TTS internet customers? It means that our customers have that fastest internet speeds available to help them boost productivity and profits!

Our goal at TTS is to help your business cut costs while providing exceptional products and services. Whether on the phone or online, we strive to keep your business connected!

Total Tech Solutions has located its IT Company in Ocala FL.  We are proud to serve Ocala FL, Gainesville FL, The Villages FL  and much of Central Florida.